Back Yard Pack

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Scene It! House Back Yard (2/12)

Bring good times with back yard props! In this pack, you’ll be able to design more houses and enjoy a relaxing time by the pool.

New models for grass, rocks, hedges, and more!

Use the pre-made templates or design the scene from scratch.

Collect the whole Scene It! House packs!

Hey neighbor!

Have you come over for the pool party?!

Use the newly redesigned props so you’ll have multiple options when designing your neighborhood with the Front Yard Pack.

Let all of your characters have their own unique house and build their backyard as big as they need it!


Download either (.PNG) or Cartoon Animator 4(.CTPROP, etc.)

Included in the pack:

  • 50+ Props*
  • 1 Pre-Made Scene**
  • 1 Pre-Made House
  • 2 Pre-Made Trees
  • Guide PDF
  • Digital Download License PDF

*Some props come with basic motion. Refer to PDF Guide.

**Pre-Made Scene is only available for Cartoon Animator 4.


Pack does not come with Characters or Visual Effects.

Pack and contents can not be used for resale. Refer to Digital Download License.


1 review for Back Yard Pack

  1. Steven Abeyta (verified owner)

    Came for the BBQ, stayed for the Bikinis.

    Honestly, you can’t really rate one Grey Fish Studio without echoing the same on the others, because they’re all incredibly pleasing to the eye, well-layered and have a sense of an actual society and community. Just pan the camera up to see the possibilities and drop in characters to play with the magic in the air. This isn’t just a flat scene that’s handed to you. You really feel like you’ve bought something more than digital, more than 2D, definitely of the 4th dimension, I think. Just look at it and even your eyes feel that it’s real.

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