Constructing Your Production To Convey Your Message

Whether on social media or a streaming service, videos have to be constructed with great care and skill to ensure that they are delivering the intended message to the viewer. Without proper construction of your video, your message may be unclear, and viewers’ attention may stray away from the purpose… we don’t want that to happen!


We can help you deliver your message through a video using professional techniques and editing that will bring your story, message, or content to life. Never underestimate the power of great video production!

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What Grey Fish Studios Can Do For You?

With any content you release, the most important factors in determining success are: consistency, messaging, and branding. Your audience and loyal viewers will expect consistency not just from your posting schedule, but from the content, delivery and message your brand is all about!


Our Co-Founder, Steve Grey, started his Youtube Channel, Cars With Steve, in 2020. Because of his consistent delivery, quality and uploads, Cars With Steve went from 0 followers to well over 3k subscribers, and 1 million views, within a year!


We can help you build your channel, edit your next social media ad, or shoot everything you need to get your content out there.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure you’re satisfied before the final product is revealed to the world. See what video production can do for your next project!

Quality Is Key

A fun fact about editing: it is a lot easier to give videos that ‘Hollywood touch’ now than it was years ago, and that’s great news for you! Aside from professional editing, construction and consistency of your video, the overall quality can also depend on filming techniques, sound quality, cut and transition flow, and having recognizable intros and outros that are unique to your brand. These are just a few elements of a well produced video that will help viewers stay engaged and eager to watch more.

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