Animated Videos are Engaging and Effective

Using animation to deliver a message or tell a story is proven to be memorable and appealing. It’s why we remember our child cartoons more than anything else we’ve watched!

Animation portrays your message in a visually stimulating manner; be it bright colors, exciting characters, or eye-catching graphics, every animation is unique.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with several companies and completed various projects that have allowed us the opportunity to broaden our skill set and enhance our abilities as animators!

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Why Use Animated Videos?

Simply put... they work!

Animation is an effective way to tell a compelling story. Regardless of your platform, budget, or industry, many individuals and companies are using animated videos to convey their message. Grey Fish Studios designs every animated piece to be original and customized to suit your vision.

What's The Process

Here's a quick layout!

Creating the perfect animation is quite the process! There are many steps that can vary in order and time; it depends on the project’s complexity.
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Services For Each Stage!

Whether you’re just starting out or need some final edits, we can help with all your required stages.

We have payment plans to help you spread out your project allowing you to fund it from 1-6 months.

You’ll receive weekly updates for each project and we’ll work closely with you to get the vision you’re looking for.

The Process


Every great project first starts with this beauty! This is essential to start working with us.


Final Draft

3-7 days

From the creation of an idea to developing a story behind it. Creating characters, settings, and messages behind every sentence.


Adobe Photoshop/Premiere

2-5 days

Get the bigger picture by first seeing it in a rough draft with proper timing and transitions.

Character Design

Adobe Illustrator

2-5 days/character

Start from scratch, blueprinting a character and developing them into a scalable vector graphic for high-quality productions.

Characters start with 6 Eye, 16 Mouth, and 30 Hand sprites.


Adobe Audition

3-5 days

Using real voices helps bring characters to life and helps the audience connect on a deeper level.

We have a list of voice-over artists, including ourselves, that you can choose from characters to explainers. We’ll find your voice!

Background Design

Adobe Illustrator

2-3 days/background

Design production quality backgrounds for any project you’re working on, all designed in a scalable vector format for 1080p, 2k, or 4k resolution.

Backgrounds come with up to 25 props.

Character Rigging

Adobe Photoshop/Reallusion Cartoon Animator

1-2 days/character

Professionally rigged characters for easy animation.

Scene Setup

Adobe Photoshop

1-2 days/background

Scene setup for parallax for a cinematic quality including proper camera setup.

Character Animation/Lip Sync

Reallusion Cartoon Animator

3-5 days/character

Smooth studio-quality character animation with timing, facial expressions, and accurate English lip sync.

Prop Animation

Reallusion Cartoon Animator

1 day

For moving props in any scene, ie. bouncing alarm clock, car driving, and text bubble

Visual Effects

Adobe After Effects

3-5 days

For creating an even bigger experience in your project, Visual Effects add a huge quality difference by adding shadows, reflections, better camera movements, and more.
Add motion titles, blurs, and lighting adjustments.

Sound Effects

Adobe Audition 1-2 days Well-timed clean audio effects and music that never peaks to keep viewers engaged, as well as, cleaned up voice-overs.


Adobe Premiere

2-5 days

Creating smooth, timely placed transitions for quick cuts and getting to the punch.

Final Product

All the blood, sweat, and so many happy tears turned into one amazing masterpiece!

Get Animating!

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