The Grey Fish Studios Story

Once upon a time...

…in a land far, far away.

Well, actually, it was in Toronto…in 2010.

We at Grey Fish Studios have been fascinated by the entertainment industry and animation since we were young, so it was only natural for us to immerse ourselves in various roles within the industry and learn everything we could.

Many years passed by…

We spent them working hard, gathering knowledge, and gaining inspiration.

In 2019…

We decided to collaborate, to pursue our dream, and to begin building (what will one day be) one of the biggest and best studios in Canada!

That’s when we launched Grey Fish Studios…and, here we are!

Now, years later…

Even during a global pandemic, the entertainment industry boomed,  and the demand for creative content has been bigger than ever!

That’s because since the dawn of time…

Or, at least a really long time ago, humans have valued entertainment and craved visual stimulation.

Visuals can be powerful when created with intent, purpose, and passion. They can evoke emotion, and provoke a response.

While our society has long moved past the era of cave drawings, people continue to seek entertainment. They use their chosen forms of it to escape reality, to experience other worlds full of magical characters…and to dream of endless possibilities.

And, now more than ever, people choose to use videos and animation to convey a message, to bring a story to life, and to capture the attention of their audience.

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Why Us, You Ask?

The year was 540 BC…

Just kidding.

As content creators ourselves, we know your project is important to you. We’re here to understand your vision and help with anything from character animation, to voiceovers (and more)… we’ll bring it all to life for you, all under one roof.

We offer a variety of services and look forward to helping you with your unique project. You’re going to love it…that’s the Grey Fish guarantee!

See what our clients say about us!

Our Values

We are creative and passionate humans…just like you.

At Grey Fish Studios, we believe in being communicative throughout the studio, and from employee to you, the client.

We value full transparency, honesty, and accountability. We understand the importance of your satisfaction; our goal is to hear you, to connect with you, to ‘wow’ you, and to have you return to us time and time again!

As employers, we believe in supporting artists. Feeling unappreciated and going uncredited in this industry is common…and we want to change that!

At Grey Fish Studios, we believe in shining a light on our artists, because they deserve to be recognized for their dedication and talent.

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Jeremy Fisher

Steve Grey

When we’re not working…

We are people who put our ‘best foot forward’ and enjoy every second of life, no matter what we’re doing! We value laughter, creativity, productivity, and living a healthy lifestyle. From the food we eat to the books we read, from our exercise routines to our friendships and relationships…we firmly believe that every opportunity presented can be used to grow and better ourselves. …we also do Stand-Up!

What about Artists who want to create their own content?

In order to be creative, you need three things: imagination, a message to share, and a way to share it. We know you are creative, and perhaps you have a vision… but maybe you aren’t sure how to bring it to life. We can help. In addition to our other services, we offer 2D animation assets! We’re proud to create tools and resources to ensure that if you’re looking to explore your creative side with animation, you CAN. Check out our digital content and see what possibilities await you.

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