Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: May 17, 2022

Why Do I Need To Create An Account?

Having an account helps make it easier for both parties. You, as the buyer, will have easier access the next time you visit the site, as well as, keep track of your purchases and downloads.


As the seller, it helps legitimize any purchases, allows only those who have made purchases to leave reviews, and protects the store.

What Formats Can I Download In?

Most products will be available in either PNG and Cartoon Animator (CTProp, etc.) format. Some products may not come in certain formats depending on the content.


Refer to each product description for more information.

What Is The Standard License For Your Products?

Refer to the Digital Download License. Here you can view what you can and can’t do when you purchase content from Grey Fish Studios.

Where Can I Re-Download The Content I Purchased?

If you happen to lose your initial download, you can log into your account via My Account and select Downloads from the side menu.

Do You Commission Custom Backgrounds & Characters?

Yes we do. If you have a request for content in your next project, fill out the Contact Form. This will be subject to availability.

How Do I Install The Cartoon Animator Files?

There is an install PDF in each Cartoon Animator zip file. This will make it easy to apply product updates and add in additional content from Grey Fish Studios.

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